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Vancouver - the long wait

Updated: May 2, 2023

Having left our bikes entrusted to Yuri in Vladivostok, Ingo set off to visit Seoul (Korea) and Tokyo (Japan), while I flew to Vancouver, then joined Kathy in Toronto, where we both rode The Canadian train on a 4 day journey back across Canada to Vancouver.

Riding aboard The Canadian was a real treat, and we enjoyed our well appointed sleeper cabin, bar and dinning car. The dinning car and bar are beautifully crafted replicas of the original cars built in the 1950-60’s.

The waiters always try and seat us with other travelers, and it’s a great way to meet others and make new friends.

In Vancouver we picked up a rental car and spent a few days visiting with family and friends in BC and Alberta. We even got to house sit for our motorcycling friends out on the Alberta Prairie, while they went camping with family.

That was quite a treat for us, to be out amongst the fields of wheat and canola, with a view from horizon to horizon. It felt very strange, but watching the weather and lightning shows work their way across the vast panorama at night was amazing.

While in Alberta we caught up with Kiwi friends Bernie and Lolly from Mount Maunganui, who spend NZ winters traveling in Canada and the US in their large motor home. We enjoyed a few drinks and a BBQ in the evening.

Our favourite town in BC is Kaslo, located in the Kootenay area. We love exploring the Kootenays and walking the many hiking trails in the area.

On one of our drives we spotted this young moose feeding on the weeds growing in a small lake.

It’s not long before Kathy’s flight home is due. We spend our last few days together in beautiful Vancouver.

We receive notification the bikes have arrived. It’s great timing, as Kathy is due to fly home to New Zealand on Sunday evening. Ingo and I pick up the bikes the very next morning.


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