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Return Home

It feels great to be home and in the arms of my beautiful wife once again. Scenery that is so familiar becomes spectacular again after an absence, and I enjoy riding my bike on some of New Zealand’s finest roads, right here on my doorstep.

It’s not long before we catch up with family in Papamoa and it’s crazy to see how the two grandsons have grown.

Tatum is old enough to come stay up on the peninsula now and we enjoy his company for a few days. We cooked pizza, ate NZ’s finest fish and chips, learnt how to shoot a rifle, and toasted marshmallows.

We also visit our new house build, not far from Cambridge. Great to see the progress in just a few short months.

However with the new build comes the need to sell our place in Kuaotunu. It’s kind of heart wrenching, as we love it so much. 9 happy years have been spent here, but it’s time for change. Something a little smaller and easier to upkeep. I’ve downsized my motorcycle fleet considerably, ready for a smaller moto garage/workshop. We choose our agent, take a deep breath and we’re on the market.

We spend a lot of time decluttering, ready for shifting day. It’s difficult letting stuff go, but at the end of the day, it’s just stuff. It will likely take us the next 5 years to get the new place the way we want it, but we’re ready for the challenge.

Time flies by and soon it’s time for me to return to South America, but first we fly to Brisbane to be with family there. Another grandson, Hendrix, is growing up fast. He’s into anything with a motor or wheels and likes nothing better than to pull up his stepladder and join me under the bonnet of our Landcruiser.

Hendrix now has his own small dirt bike but still loves riding his bmx around the local track.

We spend an enjoyable couple of days touring in the Landcruiser, but our time is limited.

Before long we are winging our way back to Auckland, where upon landing, Kathy heads home, and I, with heavy heart, board my flight to Santiago, Chile and on to Mendoza, Argentina.

So, how did New Zealand rate on Muzza’s shithole scale? New Zealand gets a 8.5. It has incredible scenery, good roads and pleasant weather. It should deserve a 9.5 or maybe even a 10, but it is undone by its crazy cost of living, and recent skyrocketing crime stats. Two short terms of socialist government have plunged New Zealand into massive debt and the country's adoption of woke policies is sending it spiralling down the shitter. Pull your socks up New Zealand, you used to be so much better, and can be again.


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Tom Burklow
Tom Burklow
29 de nov. de 2023
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