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Lake Baikal

Updated: May 2, 2023

With our new tyres fitted we head for Lake Baikal.

After thousands of kilometres of straight road, we enjoy rolling hills and switch backs, along the shores of the huge lake. To us it’s a welcome relief from the boredom of the Trans Siberia Highway.

However for some the twists and turns are a real challenge.

This driver misjudged the corner. When we arrived the wheels were still spinning and the driver was exiting the cab via the windscreen.

We stay a couple of nights in the resort town of Listvyanka, on the lake edge, and wander the town.

It appears to be where the well-heeled citizens of Irkutsk come to play and enjoy a lakeside holiday, with boat rides and delicacies from the lake.

The tour boats drive up onto the pebbly beach, and touts use loudspeakers to convince punters to board via the steep steps from the shore.

The Listvyanka fish market was interesting. The fishermen were smoking the fish by the roadside, then the wives would sell them at their market stall.

We are ready for a change of scenery. We’ve only been been at the lake for a few days, but from here we detour down into Mongolia. We’re not so much looking forward to the Russia-Mongolia border crossing.


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