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Detour to Tallinn

Our journey through Estonia is mainly through coastal forests as we head to towards Tallinn.

Ingo has problems with his aging laptop. He thought of replacing it before this trip, and now it has issues. Tallinn is a big city. Hopefully here, he can get it repaired or replaced.

We stay at a moderately priced hotel on the edge of the old city.

Lots of culture and history evident here, but as with any large city or anywhere dodgy, we are careful how we park the bikes. Always chained together and covered. ‘Out of sight is out of mind’ as the old saying goes.

The ‘old city’ in Tallinn is very interesting. Very medieval. With lots of great restaurant options and street entertainment. We enjoy our time here.

Ingo tries unsuccessfully to make a recovery of his laptop in Tallinn and a new one is purchased. A plan is devised to destroy the hard drive before disposing of the old one. We head to a quiet side road as Ingo unveils his plan. He will place the laptop amongst the flowers on the roadside and I will run it over while he videos the drama. The keys on the keyboard will all pop out, destroying the hard drive, and will look great in a slow motion video tribute.

We set it up, and I make my run at the laptop, flattening it into the flowers. Unbelievably, it’s still intact. Twice more I flatten it, and again the only visible difference is a dirty tyre pattern on the screen.

Surely it must be destroyed inside, but miraculously it starts right up! Cured!! It all seems to be working properly now. We can’t believe it!

Later that evening, Ingo smashes it to pieces on a large rock. Finally it is dead. From something bad, always comes something good. Ingo’s bad laptop bought us to Tallinn, and we’re glad it did.


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