My Introduction to Motorcycles

I was born in the mid 1950's, the son of a lower North Island, New Zealand farmer, and I first became aware of motorcycles at the age of 9.

My father purchased a Honda CT90, and he used it to round up the cows for milking. I was fascinated by this small red motorcycle. 

My first ride was life changing, as if a small nuclear explosion had taken place in my brain. From that moment I was hooked, and prepared to do almost anything for my motorcycle fix.

My father sensed my vulnerability and shamelessly capitalized on my weakness by offering me a ride every Sunday in exchange for farm chores.

Sunday... the day I was supposed to attend church with my mother and younger siblings.... Sorry mum.

The bike shed became my church, and Soichiro Honda became my God.

Little red Honda
Little red Honda

Big red Honda, Swiss Alps
Big red Honda, Swiss Alps

The Journey to Motorcycle Traveller

My obsession with motorcycles grew, through my teenage years. I spent more time hanging out at the local motorcycle shop than I did at home. Eventually I would score a job there.

After owning a series of clapped-out motocross and trail bikes, I began venturing further afield, exploring some of the more remote regions of New Zealand. This soon led to motorcycle adventures in Australia, the US, India, U.K. and Europe.

I’ve met some fascinating people through motorcycling, many becoming lifelong friends.

Retirement has opened up new doors for me. I’m no longer constricted by a career. I’m fortunate to have the support of my beautiful wife Kathy, who often enjoys riding pillion. At times I jokingly refer to her as ‘my secretary’. It’s not far from the truth. She’s wonderfully adept at all the things I loathe, like airline bookings, visas, languages and websites. I guess I’m not the first guy to have slept with his secretary!

For the poor lemmings who are eagerly awaiting the driverless car, I feel a great sadness, it will be another grey and colourless event in their grey and colourless lives