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Some of my other rides


I’ve had numerous journeys throughout Australia, mostly with my wife Kathy. We started with a circumnavigation by trail bikes in 2006, then bought a Honda Varadero and left it with daughter Hannah in Brisbane.

Later we exchanged this for a BMW GS, and we enjoyed some great trips on this bike before we migrated to a Toyota Landcruiser that we use to travel Australia today. 




After our trip around Australia in 2006 we flew to India to meet our motorcycling friends Ingo and Claudia.

We hired Enfield Bullet motorcycles from Lahli Singh in Delhi and rode north to the Highlands near the Nepalese border. We were pleased to be in the cool of the highlands, the forests and tea plantations.


Ingo takes a far better photograph than I, and generously allowed me to use his phtographs of our Indian trip. Thanks Ingo.


We began our explorations in Europe on a rental bike. We rented a GS in Switzerland for a month and began to explore the surrounding countries. 

Within a couple of weeks we were in Southern France and the bike was due a service and we’d worn the tyres off of it. So back to Switzerland and the dealer we went, to the astonishment of the dealer who rented us the bike, who reluctantly fitted new rubber for us.


What did he expect with a contract with unlimited kilometers?… 

Next year we decided to buy our own bike in Europe, and by this time or German motorcycling friends had moved to Zurich Switzerland. They lived just down the road from a Honda dealership and it made good sense for us to buy our bike there.

We chose Honda’s new Crosstourer and it served us well, on trips to Scandinavia, the UK and most of Western Europe.

I later used this bike on my RTW trip with Ingo. We left Zurich and headed east. 5 months later we returned to Zurich from the West. A thoroughly enjoyable ride.

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