Return from Tuk

September 12, 2019
The return from Tuktoyaktuk was reasonably uneventful. I hate traveling the same road twice and had braced myself mentally for the return journey to Dawson City. Even so, knowing what’s around every corner always has my head in a different space. The ride becomes a chore. ...
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I’m away from Dawson City early. I want to give myself plenty of time, as I’ve heard so many varying reports on the condition of the road. The first few km give me a taste of the real beauty that lies ahead. I had no idea when I planned this ride that I would strike the ...
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Vancouver to 'the Dempster’

September 6, 2019
Dealing with our shipping agent in Vancouver was the polar opposite of our experience in Vladivostok. Yuri (our Russian agent) was unexpectedly efficient, and the costs to us were exactly as he’d quoted us months before. Our Canadian agents were however effusive about the ...
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